Shenzhen 80W Tin Welder

Hi guys,

In this new entry we will talk about a tin welder offered by the Shenzhen seller.

First comment that I received it quite quickly, just 2 weeks (destination Spain).

The price at which I bought it is 8.73€, and it is the 80W model with the accessory kit that includes: 5 soldering iron tips, a stand, a tip cleaner and a very thin copper wire coil (which is not exactly what it paints in the kit).

Let’s put some pictures of how I received it:

The box arrived without damage.

The soldering iron comes in bubble paper, more than enough. It’s not a particularly delicate component.

The first impression is that we are looking at a fairly basic welder. The plastic on the welder’s body seems to be of poor quality. It is the typical glossy plastic and the assembly with the grip rubber is not very precise. We have to think that it has a very content price, and it is normal that the materials are not the best.

On the other hand I like the touch of the temperature regulation buttons, which are rubber and seem to work well and do not bother to work with the soldering iron.

It also has a good finish the power cord and the finish it has against the soldering iron. It has a half-gummy feel and looks good quality.

Let’s show the features announced by the manufacturer:

  • Controlled temperature: 200-450C
  • Cable length: about 145 cm
  • Power: 80 W (for the model we are dealing with, but the seller offers other models)

To draw a more accurate conclusion, let’s use it to see what points we can highlight and we’ll do a review later on about this 80W Shenzhen tin welder.

Experience using the 80W Shenzhen tin welder

After thoroughly testing it, I can assure you that you are a very good welder. It gets to very fast temperature, in just 10 seconds and you can now weld. The temperature regulator is also very useful, both to use the appropriate temperature in each situation (you don’t need the same temperature to weld an electronic component, as a lithium cell), and to prevent it from overheating the tip when you we leave plugged in unused (with other welders I have, the tips get red-hot damaging in the long run).

As a negative point I will put the tips that the kit brings, which are quite bad. This is the norm for all the tips that come in the welders kits they sell on aliexpress. The problem they have is that the tip material gradually disintegrates (it just disappears), so that deformations occur, or if it is a fine tip, you end up running out of tip. For sporadic use, it may be worth it, but if we use it daily, a tip will not last more than two weeks.

I leave you some links to buy some quality tips:

Any questions, leave it in comments and we will be happy to solve it.

Thank you and see you at the next post!

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